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In early April, the Strategic Planning committee, the Church Council, the Staff, and various church members met for an overnight Retreat at Camp Loughridge to begin work on updating Fellowship’s Strategic Plan.  As we considered our opportunities to spread God’s Word and be good servants of our blessings, we began by defining Fellowship’s core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then we listened to an eye opening informative presentation about the Tulsa area demographics and challenges which was presented by Jan Figart of the Tulsa Community Service Council.  On Saturday morning, we broke into 4 discussion groups and began to brainstorm ways that Fellowship could serve, connect, and grow in our community and then brought all of those ideas into a preliminary document. 
We are now at the point of formalizing those ideas into a Strategic Plan. We will be meeting in late June and/or early July to go over all of the ideas and narrow down what we think we can accomplish with action steps for implementation.   You are invited to be a part of the discussion group for writing that Plan.  We will schedule one or two (depending on interest/availability) planning sessions in late June or early July to share and listen to thoughts and to finalize the direction for FLC in the next 3-5 years with a formal Strategic Plan. If you have an interest in being a part of charting our future, and/or an interest in being a member of the Strategic Planning committee, please indicate your interest on the back on the attendance bulletin insert.  You may also contact Roy Brockmeier, Ginni Young, or Al Williams for additional information.
Ginni Young, Strategic Planning Chair

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