Pathways for Parents

Ideas for parents



Blessings speak truth into a child’s life about who they are, whose they are and who God is in the midst of their lives.
+ Bless you child each day either each morning before school or before bedtime.
The Story is our Bible, an epic storyline of a loving God redeeming all of creation back into right relationship with Himself.
+ Bring your children to TRU each week on Sundays and/or Wednesday nights.
+ Complete the HomeFront Weekly each week before class.
+ Memorize the assigned Remember Verse
+ Read a verse of scripture in the home each night at mealtime.
There are many means to worship.  Worship is all about connecting with God with an open and reverent heart.
+ Attend worship regularly and experience God through the faith community.
+ Pray with your child daily.  Great times to pray are before meals and at bedtime.  Prayer can either be a memorized prayer or teach your child to pray freely.
+ Listen to music in your home or in the car with a positive Christian message.
+ Engage in age-appropriate spiritual conversations with your child.
Service is flexing our faith muscles - putting our faith into action!
+ Find where your family's passions meet the world’s needs and connect the two for the good of other people.
+ Talk to your child about Stewardship and giving.  Encourage your child give a portion of their weekly allowance to the church or a non-profit helping agency.
+ Participate in service projects at Fellowship or within our community.
+ Find ways to be the hands and feet of Christ as you interact with people in every day life.
God gave us one another and He gave us the Church because we weren’t meant to journey alone!  It takes a village to raise a child and parents need support, too.
+ Connect with at least one person and hold each other accountable for faith growth.
+ Join a Fellowship Small Group with the goal of faith growth and accountability in mind.
+ Participate in the Faith Stepping Stones program at Fellowship.
+ Engage in an adult education opportunity on Sundays and/or Wednesdays.

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