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Our Pipe Organ


Organ-Front-smallFellowship has always had a rich tradition of music. As Fellowship began to expand and build a new sanctuary, the congregation agreed from the beginning that a permanent space for a choir and a quality organ was desired. Discussion followed about the acoustics and quality of an electronic organ or a pipe organ. Eventually, the decision was made to purchase an organ from the Austin Pipe Organ Company of Hartford, Connecticut. The contract was sign on December 13, 1995. The sanctuary was constructed and completed in 1997 and the organ was installed in the spring of 1998. A dedication concert was held on May 17, 1998.

The original installation produced an organ with eighteen ranks and 1,020 pipes. The organ console and chamber were prepared to accept five more ranks plus an additional bottom octave of Gemshorn pipes. Over the years a number of fund raising projects have helped to complete the organ and install the remaining ranks of pipes. The last two set of ranks were installed in August 2007. This 23 rank organ now has all 1,349 pipes installed.



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